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This website provides you with guided meditations for healing and relaxation.

Sue Schmidt C.Ht


Certified Hypnotherapist

(720) 890 7453
 353 W. Sycamore Lane Louisville CO 80027

Sue Schmidt has been a Certified Hypnotherapist in Louisville, CO. since 2003. She uses the science of hypnosis, intuition and deep insight to help her clients heal on all levels in private hypnotherapy sessions. She is adept at teaching clients how to use guided meditations and self hypnosis to be able to continue healing on their own. Additionally she can make a personalized audio meditation for home use. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful healing modality that is available to everyone!

About Sue Schmidt

Free Online Meditation

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Relax and Renew...

Listen to a free 10 min. guided meditation to increase your well being. Please use headphones to take advantage of the Theta brain wave frequencies.

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Personalized Audio Meditations

I can create a personalized audio meditation for you using images and suggestions that address your specific issues.
A audio meditation designed specifically for YOU is much more powerful and effective than any generic product!

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