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Practices to Strengthen and Clear your Energy Body

energy body

A 5-Week Class by Sue Schmidt C.Ht, Certified Hypnotherapist

(720) 890-7453

Dates: Mondays July 7 to Aug. 4
Time: 7:00-8:30pm Cost: $125.00 before June 21 ($150.00 after)
Where: Sue's Office 353 W. Sycamore Ln., Louisville CO 80027
 To Register: Your payment is your registration. Please register early as the class is limited to 8 participants
Payment Options: Click on paypal button below. Or you can mail a check to 353 W.Sycamore Ln. Louisville Co. 80027
I also accept credit card payments in person or by phone.

125.00 Before June 21
150.00 after June 21

Class Syllabus:

Class 1: What is Your Energy Body?

-Energy Body Anatomy
-Electomagnetic Energy
-The Field
-Using Energy From Nature and Other Dimensions
Meditation: 2 Pole Meditation

Class 2: Strengthening the Energy Body

-Opening the Belt Channel
Meditation: Belt Channel Meditation

Class 3: Strengthening the Energy Body Continued

-Developing Coherence: Heart Rhythm, Brain Waves and Respiration
Meditations: Heart Lock In, -Healing Smile

Class 4: Clearing the Energy Field

-Why clear your Field
-What is Foreign Energy
-Pendulum Diagnoses
Meditation: Energy Shower

Class 5: Clearing the Energy Field Continued

-How to Clear Foreign Energy from your Field
-Clearing Others
Meditation: Clearing Your Field the Net

Feel free to contact Sue with any questions or for more info at:
Phone: (720) 890-7453